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Pond’s Pure White Mineral Clay Face Cleanser Scrub, 90g


  • Cleaning: Helps to rinse out dirt and impurities with every use
  • Lightening: Helps reveal your most pristine and brightest true shadow
  • Oil control: Strengthens skin protection against acne problems
  • Gently exfoliates and removes dead cells. Detoxifies your skin for a super bouncy glow!



Product Description:
An oil overhaul of your skin doesn’t have to be a problem. Oil stuck in your pores will make your skin greasy again after washing! POND’S Clay Foam and Mask is the most fun way to say goodbye to an all-day dull shimmer and say hello. Made from 100% natural Moroccan clay with 4x oil absorption power, it sucks in dirt and oil stuck deep inside your pores. What is left behind? Skin that shines and is matt all day long! POND’s Clay Foam is the most comfortable and effective way to keep your skin oil-free for longer. Revolutionize the way you wash your face with the enriching power of Mineral Clay. One of the most effective ingredients in deep cleansing. It’s fortified with skin-loving minerals to give you a bouncy glow. So increase your deep cleansing to achieve an oil-free glow. The clay range comes in two exciting formats. The pond’s white beauty mineral clay foam brightens and smooths your skin for an oil-free glow! Combined with Vitamin B3 + technology, it stimulates the appearance of millions of pristine skin cells to reveal your bright, true hue. The pure white mineral clay foam of the pond is enriched with activated charcoal, which gently exfoliates and removes dead cells. Detoxifies your skin for an oil-free glow! Fill that up with the clay masks that can soak up the oil from the inside and make you feel dull and radiant!

How to use:
1. Apply clay foam directly to dry skin.
2. Massage gently in circular motions.
3. Moisten the face with water and massage in to obtain a creamy foam.
4. Rinse off.

Country Or Origin: Indonesia

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