Viga 880000 Strong Long Delay Spray For Men (45ml)


  • Contains vitamin E.
  • Delay spray
  • Helps in increasing sexual performance
  • No side effects
  • For external use only


Product Description:
Viga 880000 Extra Strong Spray Control Sensitivity of the penis when sprayed onto the penis and works within 15-20 minutes after spraying. After use, you can have sexual intercourse up to 10 times longer than before. Known as Stud Spray for your ability to last longer and please your lucky lady by giving her multiple orgasms.
Viga 880000 Extra Strong Delay Spray is recommended for anyone who has difficulty achieving complete sexual intercourse satisfaction due to premature ejaculation

How to use:
Apply 1 to 3 short sprays to the head and shaft of the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. Quantity and planning in advance depend on individual requirements. Use the minimum effective amount. Wash off after intercourse.

Warning: Do not use if you or your partner are allergic to anesthetics or on broken or inflamed skin, your sexual partner is pregnant.

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