Power Band Heavy Workouts

  •  Perfect for building leg, hip and arm muscles and improving flexibility
  •  Flexible, strong and durable
  •  Increase the intensity of a workout by making the exercises harder
  •  Great for at home or in the gym



Product Descriptions:

With the Power Band you can make your training more demanding. Attach the resistance band to a barbell when doing squats, for example. This requires more effort. It is also possible to wrap the power band around the legs or arms for various strengthening exercises. As the ligament stretches, there is more resistance and so the exercises become more intense.
Tip: Look for resistance band exercises online. There are many options for beginners and advanced users!

  • Perform pull-ups, chin-ups and dips with assisted lifting of our body weight
  • For first time users or those wanting to perform more reps
  • Also suitable for stretching, resistance workouts and explosive training.

Give your training a power boost with this power band!

Overview specifications:

○ Length of fitness rubber: 104 cm.
○ Width: 4.4 cm.
○ Resistance: 20 – 55 kg.
○ Power band is delivered per piece
○ Color: blue
○ Material: latex
○ Also available with light, medium, heavy and extra heavy resistance (different colors)


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